Appman 1.0 released
Appman 1.0 released in the android market as free application.

Appman 1.1 release date
Appman 1.1 scheduled to release in android market on 12th december

Appman full version
Appman Full, a paid version with no ads and more features, released in Amazon app store


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AppMan Organize, Locate, and launch 1000+ applications from a single window

Using AppMan, Android users can organize more than One Thousand Applications (1000+) in a single window with ease of use. All apps can be arranged under 5 Main Tabs and unlimited sub tabs in such a way that any application can be located and launched with in few seconds of time. Users can rename the Main tabs and Sub tabs. All tab icons except App Man tab can be changed using user friendly interface. Users can add, edit, and remove any Sub tab under any of the user defined Main tabs. Users can copy, remove and move the applications across sub tabs. Users can create multiple copies of an application.

How to use Appman

This will be replaced by the SWF.

AppMan Free Version

Ad supported version
User defined Main tabs and Subtabs
User can change tab icon
Categorize notification window
Task bar with sort icon
Search Bar
Task bar toggle function

AppMan Full Version

No ads
All the features of free version
Several settings to persionalize
Default main tab and sub tab
Options to choose no. of products in grid
Default sort bar option
Options to remove splash screen